Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China

Why choose KINGUP flooring

Imported first-class production equipments from Germany , meanwhile , we also set up our own professional floor design R & D team and technical service team , we are strictly abiding to the international flooring production process standards and formulate enterprise production indicators , gradually formed a perfect service system of integrating R & D design , manufacturing , distribution , and technical guidance . At present , our flooring is available in a variety of locations ,such as home , commercial, office , hospital , school and factory, etc .


There are hundreds of colors to meet the needs of various environments and users.

Wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain, various styles, lifelike and beautiful texture, meet the different decoration styles and individual needs of designers and users, and there is no color difference, and it will not fade.


The raw materials of the flooring products are 100% virgin materials, using calcium and zinc stabilizers without lead and other heavy metals, stable performance, small dimensional error, and clear and realistic surface texture .


Floors sold by the company : 20 years of household guarantee, 15 years of commercial guarantee (no one damaged), and any damage that occurs during transportation can be replaced or compensated. To ensure that  the products  in line with industry standards.


Many procedures in the factory quality inspection: inspecting raw materials at mixing, examining  the product size , thickness and surface after extrusion, examining product brightness and surface at UV coating, sam,pling product size, thickness and surface after slotting, examining locks and surfaces at packing and ex- factory products pass rate over 99%.