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SPC Flooring VS Laminate Flooring

If you only look at the appearance, there are some people who are confused with the difference between SPC flooring and laminate flooring. However, their performance is very different. Today, I will introduce the difference between SPC flooring and laminate Flooring

  • Raw materials

The base material of laminate flooring is high-density fiberboard, which is made of tiny wood particles mixed with glue. It is not waterproof and easily bulges.

The SPC vinyl flooring raw materials are calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride resin. The raw material itself does not contain formaldehyde, it has excellent waterproof performance, and low shrinkage rate, so there is no need to worry about edge warping.

  • Structure

Laminate flooring generally consists of four layers of materials: a wear-resistant layer, a decoration layer, a substrate layer and a bottom layer.

SPC floor is mainly composed of UV layer, wear-resistant layer, decoration printing layer, SPC substrate layer and mute layer. It is a product made by heating and bonding at one time.

  • Environmental performance

One of the disadvantages of laminate flooring is the release of formaldehyde. Its environmental protection performance is the most questioned in kinds of the floors. It almost ruined the reputation of the flooring industry. Therefore, you need to pay more attention when purchasing laminate flooring. You’d better choose a brand floor or the product that has a formaldehyde emission that reach the national standard; the main raw material of SPC flooring is polyvinyl chloride resin, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It is absolutely free of formaldehyde, lead, benzene, heavy metals and carcinogens, no soluble volatiles, and no radiation.

  • Abrasion resistance

The wear-resistant layer of laminate flooring is mainly composed of aluminum trioxide, which has strong wear resistance and hardness. The wear resistance can reach thousands to tens thousands of revolutions. The wear-resisting ability is about 10 to 30 times more than ordinary painted floor. This is also one of the most significant advantages of laminate flooring, and has a strong resistance to heavy object impact;

SPC flooring has super abrasion resistance. Its abrasion resistance is similar with the laminate flooring. The abrasion resistance can reach about 16,000 revolutions. It is impact-resistant and difficult to deform, and its service life can up to 20 years.

  • Waterproof performance

Laminate flooring is afraid of being soaked in water. Once it is soaked in water for too long, its shape is difficult to recover. In severe cases, it may be scrapped.  

The main component of SPC flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, etc. Naturally not afraid of water. The waterproof performance of SPC flooring is basically equivalent to laying a kind waterproof material on the ground, which not only can block the moisture of the bottom layer but prevent the water from seeping down. When you choose SPC flooring, you no longer have to worry about the floor of your home being swollen by soaking in water, or deformed because of temperature changes, or mildew due to high humidity. It has solved the problem that wood products are easy to rot and expand or deformed after absorbing water and getting damp in wet environment.

  • Comfort

Among the three mainstream wood flooring categories, the comfort of laminate flooring is poor, because laminate flooring is pressed by high temperature. But SPC flooring has good flexibility. Gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. The above is the difference between laminate flooring and SPC flooring. Do you learn about?

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