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SPC Flooring for House Renovation

SPC flooring

With the rapid development of decoration, the original decoration style is no longer in line with the modern aesthetics, so many people want to renovate, and they will face this problem when renovating old houses—— what should we do with the old flooring? It will affect the decoration effect if we don’t break the old floor, and if knock off it, the cost of renovation is too high, and many owners are distressed by this. So, what kind of floor is good for house renovation? Today, I will introduce an SPC lock flooring which is very suitable for the renovation of old houses.

With the increase of the service life, the traditional tiles will turn yellow, fading and prone to scratches affect the appearance, and the wooden flooring played drums, moths, edges wrap, lose varnish and mold phenomenon. Therefore, the owners have to remove the original floor when renovating the house, but it is a time-consuming effort, and the cost will be relatively high.

SPC lock flooring is a new type of floor decoration material that is rapidly emerging in recent years. It is green and environmentally friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving. It has unique advantages in urban old house renovation.

◆ It need not to knock off the old floor tiles, and can pave on the surface of tiles directly, it can save time and cost without affecting aesthetics, solved the primary problem of old house renovation.

◆ It has the advantages of lightness, thinness, and safety. The thickness of vinyl flooring is about 4.0mm, and the weight per square meter is about 2 to 7.5kg, which is less than 10% of common ground materials. It has unparalleled advantages in load bearing and space saving in high-rise buildings, and easy transportation.

◆ Easy cutting and installation, and the work efficiency can be improved by more than 50%.

◆You can cut at will with a utility knife and spliced with different grains and color to achieve the ideal decorative effect. The lock design of the SPC flooring makes installation easy and quick. Only need to align the two bayonet and snap it together, you can do it by yourself. And the ground does not need special treatment. After leveling, it can be installed directly. The appearance of the paved ground is uniform in color and beautiful.

◆Pollution-free , no dust and no noise during installation.

There are various colors and grains of SPC flooring , such as carpet grain ,stone grain, marble grain, etc., and even can achieve personalized customization and fully reflects your unique style.           As a new type of floor decoration material, SPC lock flooring solves the problems of traditional floor materials such as single color, not durable and unsafety. Therefore, it is very suitable for the renovation of old houses.

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