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Advantages of SPC Vinyl Flooring over Cork Flooring?SPC Vinyl Flooring Suppliers for You

The first big thing after buying a house is the decoration. Now the market is popular for all kinds of flooring, what kind of flooring has become a headache for each family, to consider the floor of waterproof, moisture, insect, price, will not deformation, non-slip, beautiful, clean and so on. SPC vinyl flooring SPC vinyl…
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KINGUP Flooring——SPC Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to ground materials, most people first think that should be marble, ceramic tiles, wood flooring, and engineered wood flooring. Although many new types of floor materials appeared in recent years, such as laminate flooring, LVT and WPC flooring, etc. they are not widespread because they are not environmentally friendly. However, the emergence…
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SPC Flooring VS Laminate Flooring

If you only look at the appearance, there are some people who are confused with the difference between SPC flooring and laminate flooring. However, their performance is very different. Today, I will introduce the difference between SPC flooring and laminate Flooring Raw materials The base material of laminate flooring is high-density fiberboard, which is made…
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SPC flooring

SPC Flooring for House Renovation

With the rapid development of decoration, the original decoration style is no longer in line with the modern aesthetics, so many people want to renovate, and they will face this problem when renovating old houses—— what should we do with the old flooring? It will affect the decoration effect if we don’t break the old…
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SPC Flooring VS Ceramic Tile

The common floor materials in our daily life can be roughly divided into two categories, one is Ceramic tile, and the other is Floor. Because the ground is used most frequently and that wears away easily, the choice of floor material is very important. Therefore, which one should we choose for home decoration? We can…
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How About SPC Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring has become the darling of flooring materials in recent years. It has been fired so hot. So, what are the advantages of SPC flooring and how about it? Let’s have a look together! SPC flooring is a new type of flooring material, the main raw material of SPC flooring polyvinyl chloride resin…
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