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Advantages of SPC Vinyl Flooring over Cork Flooring?SPC Vinyl Flooring Suppliers for You

The first big thing after buying a house is the decoration. Now the market is popular for all kinds of flooring, what kind of flooring has become a headache for each family, to consider the floor of waterproof, moisture, insect, price, will not deformation, non-slip, beautiful, clean and so on.

SPC vinyl flooring

SPC vinyl flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is a new type of light body flooring decorative material, also known as “light body flooring”, which is very popular in the world today. It is a popular product in Europe, America and Asia, Japan and South Korea, waterproof, moisture-proof: the fundamental solution to the problem of wood products to moisture and water-absorbing environment in moisture-prone to decay, expansion and deformation, can be used to traditional wood products can not be applied in the environment. The price is also cheaper compared to cork flooring.

cork flooring

It’s called “consumption at the top of the flooring pyramid.”

Cork flooring is the industry recognized quiet flooring, cork because it feels soft, just like people walking on the beach as very quiet. This piece is mainly from the structure, because the cork itself is polyhedral structure, like a honeycomb, filled with air, 50% is air, people walk up after feeling stepped on 50% of the air above, very soft. But this is also a drawback, it’s not easy to clean.

Such a structure, it is easier to store dust, requires proper use and maintenance, and more careful cleaning. Moisture is easier to penetrate, to prevent ink, lipstick, etc. on the floor, otherwise it is easy to penetrate not easy to clean.

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